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Iso Process, a member of Netsen Group, is a consulting company that supports companies in their efforts to improve management practices by combining Quality-Conformity, Business Process Management and IT Integration.

By relying on the operational reality of the organization and on a variety of efficient software solutions, Iso Process is today able to bring the most adapted answers to the identified needs of its customers.


Iso Process is recognized for its expertise in terms of analysis, design, optimization and improvement of business processes in all phases of a company's organization. We examine the effectiveness and efficiency of a company's most critical processes.



If you want to improve your business processes, you are probably eligible for a grant.
Many government agencies have grant programs:
- Emploi Quebec
- Canada-Ontario Job Grant

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Our Services

Based on the operational reality of the organization and a variety of effective methodologies, Iso Process is today able to provide the answers to the needs of users and users.

Process management

ISO Process supports you in the analysis, mapping and optimization of your processes, and helps you identify value creation mechanisms to improve your efficiency.

Quality & Conformity

Quickly implement simple, robust management frameworks that comply with regulatory and regulatory frameworks using ISO Process’s proven methods.

Implantation ISO

Iso Process supports you through the steps required to implement ISO standards, from the definition of objectives to the certification audit.

Automatisation of process

Process automation increases the potential for the exploitation of all know-how through the use of information technologies and is at the heart of the Quality Management System.


Through our multidisciplinary skills and our experienced team of trainers, we offer continuing education programs in information technology, human capital and project management.


We carry out process audits and monitoring audits that will best prepare you for audits carried out within the framework of the ISO standards. We provide an audit plan and a final report.

The impacts of the process approach


Reduction in production costs


More Effective Operations


Improvement of technological aspects


Operating profits


Increased productivity


Increased Efficiency


Reduction of waste


Better inventory turnover

Our Business Areas


We work with various health service providers (hospitals, clinics, etc.) to implement information systems adapted to their needs. We support them in the definition of clinical and clinical-administrative processes


Banks trust us to respond to their complex technological problems in an environment where data security is a major issue.


We work with many manufacturing service companies in process improvement and system integration. We are also involved in their organizational restructuring in the context of M&A.

Public Services

We have several mandates with public service organizations (hospitals, ministry etc.) and we adopt our services to their needs, to their structure and to their environment.


Our clients also include service companies for whom we design and develop customized tools at the cutting edge of technology. Our commitment is to support them through all phases of their development and transformation project.


The construction industry is continually evolving, forcing companies to face new challenges. Our mission is to prepare them to the best of these changes and to offer organizational and technological solutions enabling them to become more competitive.


ISO-Process, a member of the NetSen Group, is a consulting company that helps companies improve their management practices by combining Quality-Compliance, Business Processes and Integration T.I.
Based on the operational reality of the organization and a variety of effective methods, Iso Process is now able to provide the answers that will suit your organization’s needs.

Our Clients


Our Partners