Process Management

Business Process Management

Iso Process is well-known for its expertise in analyzing, designing, optimizing and improving business processes. We examine the effectiveness and efficiency of a company’s most critical processes. This step is an essential step if you want to provide a quality service by reducing the time of operation, nonconformities as well as production costs.

Our Business Process Management Service includes:

  • Software development and integration
  • ERP and CRM implementations
  • Integration and harmonization of processes for mergers and acquisitions
  • Working methods optimization and detection of bottlenecks to increase productivity
  • Identification of profit leaks, costs and redundancies reduction
  • Communication of your skills (skills transfer, training) process maps and analysis to help identify major risks and controls.

Our Service


  • Waste of time and mistakes in your workflows
  • Undocumented, and thus misapplied, procedures
  • A lack of cooperation and communication between the different services
  • Process Silo
  • Repetitions of useless tasks and scattered documentation
  • Wrong exploitation of resources and competencies
  • Difficulties in integrating IT tools


  • Document all of your procedures
  • Identify and eliminate useless tasks
  • Improve your productivity and your effectiveness
  • Have a clear mapping of your business process and everyone’s roles and responsabilities
  • Improve your processes to be more efficient
  • Centralize information and documentation
  • Having IT tools adapted to your processes


  • Identification and analysis of current process
  • Clear and simple process mapping
  • Process optimization and reengineering
  • Change management
  • Training and process audit
  • Identification of profit leakage, potential cost reductions and redundancies
  • Clear definition of roles and responsibilities

The Process Approach

What is a process ?

A process is: “Any activity or group of activities that use ressources to convert them from income to output elements can be considered as a process.”

The process approach is:

  • A management approach
  • Technologicals tools

The management by process approach brings you to the:

  • Identification of a process
  • Understanding ways of doing thing
  • Establishment standards
  • Check for differences
  • Update and monitoring

Step of the process management approach

  • Analyse : Operation and dysfunctions
  • Modelize : represent and document
  • Simulate : Forecast taking into account settings variations
  • Execute : apply the plan
  • Optimize : make the process efficient
  • Check : check for differences

Types of projects related to processes:

  • Process reengineering
  • IT system (integration and development)
  • Implementation of legals standards
  • Management of know-how

Benefits of mapping and process optimization

  • Simplification and clarification of processes
  • Decreased operating time
  • Reducing errors
  • Increased productivity
  • Lower transaction costs
  • Improved profit margin