IFS standards – Quality and safety of food and non-food products

With a series of standards recognized by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI), IFS has several standards related to both product quality and safety.

IFS standards (International Food Standard) are auditing standards and provide a certificate for quality and safety recognized by the GFSI

  • IFS Food is for food suppliers / manufacturers;
  • IFS Logistics is intended for all logistics activities for food and non-food products, such as transport, storage, loading / unloading, etc. It is applicable to all types of transport, for products frozen / chilled or stable at room temperature (in different states: liquid, solid, gaseous).
  • IFS Broker applies to people and / or companies that own or not the merchandise but do not have physical contact (remote management) with products (for example, which do not have warehouses, packing stations, truck fleets, etc.);
  • IFS Cash & amp; Carry / Wholesale for handling activities of bare or packaged goods in cash & amp; carry or in wholesalers’ warehouses;
  • IFS DPH (HPC) only for manufacturers who are converting drugstore, perfume and hygiene products or packaging bare products (unpackaged);
  • IFS PACsecure only for manufacturers (processing or converting) of food and non-food packaging materials.

Benefits of IFS

BRC certification has several benefits, including:

  • Recognition by GFSI;
  • Scope for both quality and food security;
  • risk-based;
  • Competitiveness and improvement of customer relations and profitability;
  • Saves time and money.