Discover the SQF code (Safe Quality Food)

The SQF code is recognized by GFSI and covers all sectors of the food industry: production, processing, packaging, transport, distribution.

Version 7.2 of the SQF code has been in effect since July 2014. The SQF standard is a food safety and quality management system and a product certification standard. It includes guidance from the National Advisory Committee on Microbiological Criteria of Foods (NACMCF) for HACCP and Codex Alimentarius to ensure food safety. The company wishing to obtain SQF certification must undertake to respect:

  • HACCP method and requirements;
  • The requirements of the SQF code;
  • Applicable laws on food.

The steps of an SQF accompaniment

With the help of our consultants you will need:

  • Subscribe to the evaluation database;
  • Name the “practitioner” SQF;
  • Choose the certification level you want;
  • Write your food safety and quality management manual (process, form, register ….)
  • Implement the SQF code;
  • Choose a certification body.

The certification body comes to perform the documentary audit, and about 1 month after the audit of the factory.

The implementation time of the SQF standard depends on the modules required and how much time you can work on it.

Our SQF consultants can do with you:

  • Implementing a new turnkey SQF system;
  • SQF code coaching at the beginning, and if you decide that the consultant’s presence is required longer, we’ll adjust;
  • The necessary coaching of your team in charge of SQF implementation;
  • Staff training with SQF code;
  • The training of internal auditors, your internal audits;
  • Assist you with your documentary audit and your SQF certification audit;
  • Help to maintain certification if you think it’s appropriate.