ISO 20000

ISO 20000 :IT Services Certification

ISO / IEC 20000 is an IT Service Management System Standard, which specifies requirements for the service provider to plan, establish, implement, execute, monitor, review, maintain, and enhance an SMS. The ISO / IEC 20000 certification validates, more specifically, that your company can continuously improve the provision of IT services.

Obtaining ISO / IEC 20000 certification will enable your business to have reliable, efficient, consistent and continuously improved IT services.

What are the benefits of ISO 20000 certification for your organization

  • Worldwide Recognized Certification
  • Reduce Incidents and Improve Incident Management
  • Increase customer satisfaction with quality services
  • Better understanding of business roles and goals
  • Ability to manage and protect the organization, assets, stakeholders and management
  • Improve credibility
  • Reduce response time with minimal disruption of IT services
  • Achieve financial savings through cost-effective management
  • Ensure continuous improvement
  • Increase awareness of legislative and regulatory compliance

What are the benefits of ISO 20000 certification for your customers

  • Improve Quality and Services
  • Deliver IT services on time
  • Reduce IT Incidents and Vulnerabilities
  • Increasing credibility and trust